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User accounts
Enable user account registrations

For news and events emails, user-generated content, selling products or tickets - all start with a user creating an account.

The 'People' module requires a few simple settings:
"Secret key" needs a value
"Allow visitors to create an account and sign-in" needs to be 'on'
"Default from email" needs a value
"Default from name" needs a value

Secret key
Used to encrypt user data

User account email addresses must be encrypted to protect them, and each Typomania account requires its own encryption key which should be registered shortly after the account has been set-up.

Default from name & email address
For emails sent from a Typomania account

The Typomania user registration and sign-in processes use email to send things like password reset and account activation links. For the email function to work properly, there needs to be a 'default from name' – usually the name of a person or organisation, and a 'default from email address' – eg email@website-name.tld