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Step 1 - Set-up checklist
Things you need to use Typomania

You don't need much - a domain name and a Typomania account are usually enough

The Red Lion
A pub without a website

I've chosen a nearby pub that currently doesn't have a website for this walkthrough demonstrating how Typomania can be used to create one.

Several previous tenants have set-up websites for the pub in the past, so the most obvious choices of domain name have already been registered. I've registered - the 'sp' representing Swaffham Prior, the village the the pub is in.

Initial set-up

While the DNS for the newly registered domain name is propagating through the global DNS system, I'm going to set-up an empty framework. For this project I'm going to use a Raspberry Pi 4 hosted by Mythic Beasts.

Installation is partly manual, mainly for security reasons. I copy a few files to the server, create a config file so that the relevant domain name will work, and register the project with a version control system so that it can be redeployed to an alternative server if there's ever a hardware issue. Back-ups of files and a data are fully automatic.

The process enables a lot, but doesn't take long. I've completed this instance in a minute or while on a train, writing this.

Once the domain name is pointing to the right place, the next step is to install SSL certificates and create a database with a bunch of tables. After that, the first time the site is loaded in a browser several static files and directories are created, and the final operation is locking some file permissions and there we are - a live website ready for content.

'Global' settings

Primary domain name
Typomania database name
Website name
Website name mobile
Secret key
Enable error logging
Email address for error logs