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Products update
New status controls

The standard status options of 'public/published', 'admin only', 'private/login-required' etc, aren't quite enough when offering products for sale online. Creating extra status options is simple enough, but fewer options usually means to simpler logic, and a shorter labyrinth when debugging, so instead of creating a list options such as 'out of stock', 'coming soon', 'sold out' and so on, the default options are now:

Admin only
Published/public - available to buy
Published/public - not available to buy

Effectively this is simply reassigning the 'private' status to 'viewable'. Additional descriptions of why a product might not be able to buy can then be added as meta data, and displayed as labels.

Logging in as...

A new option has been added in admin to allow admin users to use a customer's id to add items to 'manual' orders. This can then be used to take orders verbally, or by email, and then followed up with an email being sent to the customer with a link to login and pay.

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