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Sell Products & Services Today

Typomania comes with everything you need to sell online immediately - products database, basket and checkout system, online payments, customer registrations, email notifications and more.


The default e-commerce components can be enabled using a checkbox - no code to add or plug-ins to install. Just add data…


Products can be posted to your Typomania website manually, or in bulk by uploading a CSV file, (e.g. exported from a database or spreadsheet). The default format includes everything needed to quickly publish products available to be bought and paid for on your own website.

Custom products

Product specifications vary a lot from business to business so Typomania has been built to allow the products system to be extended in order to adapt to your preferred format. The Typomania basket and checkout system can work with just about any product structure as longs at there’s at lest product name or title, and a price.

From ‘Add-to-Basket’ to Checkout and beyond

Typomania features a basket-to-checkout system that makes it easy for customers to collect their potential purchase items, add shipping info and pay online.

The ‘people’ database used to store customer records is integrated with every other Typomania component that interacts with visitors - from account registration and log-in to email campaigns.