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Automatic social media data formatting 'Open Graph' previews.

The Typomania CMS makes it easy to control how your content is previewed by the major social media platforms .

Social Medial / Open Graph previews

If you've ever shared a link on Facebook, Twitter, or via a messaging app you've probably seen an image and description pop up instead of just a link. This involves the platform sending a request for a page in the background and looking form some data it can use to create a preview.

There is no official Web Standard for this, and different systems use different methods, but thanks to the Open Graph protocol there is set of meta tags that can give you some control over the content of your page previews.

Want to preview your previews? My favourite tool for this at the moment is


Another useful way to share web pages is by email. Apple have recently added a feature to their Mail app which creates previews in a similar way to their Message app, and this is something I expect all email apps will be doing soon, if they're not already,

If your website and domain are set-up to send email, you can offer the option of sending a web page to a friend's email address. This is a much more complicated option as all of the content needs to be formatted to work in emails, and there needs to be a safety mechanism that prevents spam bots and delinquents from abusing the option. However, if you can get through he initial DNS headaches - SPF, DKIM etc - Typomania can do the rest.