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Typomania designs and develops online business data systems – from online sales & marketing brochures and e-commerce to complex data management and critical digital business processes

Core components
Available by default with all Typomania websites

Sales pipeline
enquires - quotes - orders - invoices - receipts

The simplest use case for the 'orders' component is generating an order that outlines the terms of a service - an order record that can later be used to generate an invoice, and then record payments as receipts.

The full pipeline can be used as a flow of enquiry, quote, order, invoicing and receipts. Each step can spawn multiple sub steps, e.g. an order for £1,000 can have several invoices raised against it to act as a deposit then stage payments. Similarly each invoice can have multiple payments/receipts assigned to it, and a single payment can be allocated to several invoices.

People & Companies

The 'People' module is key to most Typomania projects. It handles online registration and the user sign-in process. It controls access to restricted data, manages basket and check-out flows, and can be used to communicate with an audience on an individual basis using online messaging, or in groups via mailing lists.

'People' can be attached to 'Companies' – a component used when raising invoices and generating purchase orders.

Products, Baskets & Checkout

The 'Products' module is the most likely to be replaced with something bespoke due to the significant differences between product specifications for each product sector, business size and other factors. However, by following a systematic convention any customised product data model can be made compatible with the Typomania 'Basket' and 'Checkout' modules, which also feed through to all the other built-in modules that relate to sales, including performance reports.

Labels, Notes, Todo...

The Typomania system comes with several 'meta' components that can be attached to 'parents'. 'Notes' can be added to a company, person or order. 'Tags' can be used to highlight something special about a product, or to label people to segment making lists. Similarly 'Todo' can be used as a stand-alone system, assigned to orders or companies, or like most components simple not used at all if not needed or helpful.

Bank accounts
part of the 'Accounts' collection

An optional component of the accounts collection, 'bank accounts' allows you to reconcile multiple bank accounts. If you use Monzo or other modern bank accounts that allow you to export data in CSV format, you can import your data as 'bank account transactions' and then link payments with purchase orders and receipts with sales invoices to help highlight outstanding money owed to credits and/or due from customers.

A digital asset management component

Typomania includes various ways to use images either as part of a page of text and images, as a product image, or associated with custom components. The built-in 'mini-dam' offers simple options for uploading images and then choosing from useful sizes and other variants, e.g. cropped, square or rounded. An on-page editor can also be used to fine tune the aspect ratio of an image which can be useful when using a photograph as a background of a page or as a large, full-width banner.

PDFs & Files
more digital asset management

Unlike images which display themselves as inline content, PDFs, spreadsheets, and other files are usually made available via a link to download. Typomania includes easy ways to upload files and automatically create download links, and restrict access to authorised visitors too, if required.

Core services
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Core Services

Web development, hosting, email & domain names


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