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Baskets and Checkout

Information about cookies used by the Typomania basket and checkout processes

To 'remember' things like product choices, websites have to assign their visitors some sort of unique id or reference. A common way to do this is to use a 'cookie' – a small text file that browsers store on users' computers.

The Typomania system issues visitors with a number which is required in order to save items in a basket. The main content of websites built our systems can be viewed with cookies disabled, but e-commerce functions won't work.

Keeping things anonymous

When a user creates an account on a website it becomes possible to associate their visitor id with their personal information, and build up a history of website interactions. Some third party advertising distribution systems pass user ids to a centralised system so that a histories can extend across multiple websites.

Typomania doesn't use any external systems and doesn't track or profile visitors.