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Stuart Darling Vans
A van rental business based in Waterbeach

The online booking management system is central part of the businesses processes

The public-facing version of the SDV website is essentially a set of web pages and a fairly simple vehicle booking form. On the admin side there's the Typomania CMS that manages the page content, with a separate system for managing bookings and the vehicle inventory.

This project is good example of how the codebase that I've developed over a couple of decades can be used to produce something useful quickly. Nobody I know would want to develop a new user registration system for each new project, or rewrite code that sends password reset links by email, resize images, download PDFs, or the 1001 other functions that make up a web-based data management systems.

As well as box full of 'ready to wear' items, I developed the system that I call Typomania to produce ultra rapid prototypes that can be added to and modified easily. Processes for importing and exporting data, managing files, images, and users are all just there and can be turned on and off to suit. A complete shopping cart and checkout system with easy Stripe integration, mailing list management that can send email through MailChimp, social media sharing shortcuts and previews, calendars that can be subscribed to by email or URL to sync with desktop and mobile apps.