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Typomania Technology
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Powerful, simple publishing options - focus on meaning, forget HTML

Typomania makes online publishing easy by using pre-defined components that do all the structural HTML for you

Basic text element

The simplest way to add text using Typomania is by adding a standard paragraph. Copy is automatically wrapped in <p></p> tags, line-breaks are converted to <br> tags, and other more complicated elements are formatted for you, entering a web-page address or URL that starts with 'http' produces a clickable link without the need for any additional code, e.g.

Important visually and for conveying meaning

HTML headings usually appear larger and bolder than body text. Apart from the obvious visual effects of big bold text in its own space, the tags or code that are used to display them are also used by a variety of systems to distinguish meaning. Typomania combines classic HTML with modern CSS to create clean, mobile-friendly code.

All successful websites have at least one image of a cat

This image of my very own pet lion is positioned to the left with the text you’re reading wrapping around it to the right. The position of the image and size are determined by a combination of tiny text snippets and a resin called ‘lionbrieno’ which you first apply to your fingers and then smear on your iDevice while holding your breath.

Still reading this? I recommend wine at this time of day*. The text snippets thing is true, but if you run out of lionbrieno you can choose an option from a menu which appears on every image you add to a page.

You can change the size and position, add rounded corners, or switch to one of several versions of your image that the system creates to help balance image quality and file size, just by selecting an option from a menu and saying ‘boop’ as if you were booping someone on the nose.

To save me from having to write turgid sales nonsense, and you from having to read it, the point is you can add images really easily, and then change how they appear very - you guessed it - easily. Easier than tempting a cat from a laptop bag with a soft towel. Now I think about it, that might not be the best example.